Your work is copyrighted as soon as it is complete in some form of permanent medium. This includes things such as movies, video games, books, drawings, etc. But, just because a copyright is granted as soon as the work is completed, this does not mean you are fully protected.  Unless you register your work with the United States Copyright Office, you are able to file a lawsuit for infringement of your copyright and receive higher damages than if you haven't formally registered.

Anathem Law protects creators by helping to register copyrights, draft contracts and enforcing against copyright infringement online.


We will help you register your copyright, draft contracts to transfer certain rights in your copyright to someone else, and enforce your copyright against any infringement. Anathem Law is prepared to issue cease-and-desist letters, have your copyrighted material taken down from infringing parties, and protect your copyright all the way through trial, if necessary.

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