video game law

The video game industry, as a whole, stretching from content creators, small indie start-ups, to major distributors are struggling. No matter how far down the rung, despite the severity of an issue, each group within this community has been targeted. Content theft, copyright infringement, even bullying from the competition. To combat this, having an informed consultant is essential.


There are many types of lawyers whom focus on many of the issues you may encounter: trademarking, intellectual property, DMCA theft, etc. However, even a successful attorney "specializing" in these branches are at a disadvantage. There is a difference between picking up basic terminology and concept when drafting contracts and actually understanding the whole of the industry and your particular needs. At Anathem Law, the video game industry is not a foreign entity. Anathem is run by gamers for gamers (and the rest of the wide spectrum of content creators).

Anathem Law helps video game developers and distributors protect themselves against content theft, copyright infringement and attacks from competition.

Our practice understands that the process of putting together a game or app has its challenges, some not as easily solved as others. Among those challenges, we're  here to make sure your work is protected and relevant law explained.

We offer several packages, all of which can be tailored to suit your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation to determine the needs specific to your company to help push it to the next level.

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